Who We Are

Who We Are


Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly is a small group of independent artists and writers.  We’re not backed by a corporation. We don’t plan on making profit, and any profit we do make we want to turn back around and give to our contributors or use to make sure more issues of OPQ are released. Our experience and our gift to the community is providing a literary legacy for those who want to have their voices heard from a traditionally under-represented community.

OPQ intends on being two sides: an online website dedicated to being a bulletin board for the community, and a print publication stocked in stores for those who would be interested in something physical, something to cherish, and something that, hopefully, can withstand the test of time.

Call us sentimental. The age of ebooks has drawn upon us, but let’s be clear here.  Ebooks are sloppy and messy. Depending on your ebook viewer, they can be formatted in a million different ways.  OPQ wants to make something lasting—something you can be proud to show off when you show someone your work in it.

Our eventual goal is to become a platform for new and aspiring creators, writers, and members of our community.  As we pick up steam—as we grow as an organization, we want to ensure that we give back to our authors. Since this is funded directly out of pocket of those starting the magazine, right now our prize for acceptance is a paper contributor’s copy. (If the contributor wishes for a digital copy, that can be arranged as well.)  All we can do as creators is offer something tangible, and, if the Universe wills it and we grow stronger as a publication and platform, we can start offering payment towards our contributors.

Submissions for our Spring 2018 edition are now open, but the deadline is drawing closer and closer. Make sure you send us your submissions on time!

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