Change change change…

Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly has gone through some backdoor changes, and these should reflect through the website in the coming weeks.

We’ve expanded our staff.  That means how we run the operation should eventually be more effective.  You should start receiving replies to emails and submissions looked at on a more timely basis.

We’re beginning to change up our pricing structure, but we’re also including digital editions as part of that pricing structure.

To begin with, our Deluxe Edition double-sized Samhain edition is finally out and available on Amazon!  It’s going to be 9.99 in stores and online. This covers the additional shipping and labor costs that go into producing the magazine and ensuring our authors get their payments.  This will not have an impact on current subscribers, though future subscription costs may rise going forward.

Regular magazines will soon be 6.99 in stores.  Digital editions will shortly be released which should provide a lower-cost alternative for those on a budget.  There will also be a digital edition subscription option.

These changes should be reflected through our online vendors.  In-store pricing will be updated moving forward with our Samhain editions.  Back issue pricing should not be affected in-store.

You can purchase the latest edition directly from Amazon below, or come visit us for back issues at Tulsa Pagan Pride at Veteran’s Park this Saturday, October 6, 2018, from 10 AM-6 PM.


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