ANNOUNCEMENT: OPQ is now a Press!

OPQ website press logo



Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly is now a full-fledged press. Named Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly Press, after the magazine, the press will be focusing on both the magazine and our new lines of genre fiction and new age/spiritual non-fiction. Our goal is to work with various under-represented communities (specifically, religious minorities and LGBT+ folk—in particular, fledgling authors, artists, and creators from these communities) to establish a footway into the door of the creative field.

To that end, a couple of notes about how our process works:

1. As a press, we are considered a partnership press. What this means is, we’re a step above self-publishing—we have a talented pool of creators and industry experts who will help format your work for public consumption, for a portion of the royalties that you would typically accrue as a self-published author.

2. Most publishing presses have a focus on the press making money—we only take a minimum of royalties, typically less than fifteen percent, to cover overhead costs like licensing, to offset publication costs, events, etc. We are still a press driven primarily by donations and the community itself.

The more work you can put into promoting your book, the better off you’ll be, though we do have a talented staff on-hand to participate in marketing. We strive to have a completely transparent publication process—if we feel your submission fits a good niche in our market, we look at the staff members we have on hand and assign a talented team with experience in that field.

Writing when you’re an independent author is somewhere between running your own business and passive income. Unfortunately, there are no quick tickets to fame and fortune, but by partnering with us, you can get a start on your creative work and have a product to get your name out there.

Submissions will open shortly! Stay tuned!!!

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