OPQ Press Newsletter for June-July 2019


OPQ the Magazine has relaunched in an online format. We will still be printing twice a year; one for our annual Samhain/Halloween edition, and another for our Yearly Digest Edition.  We are making tentative strides towards opening our four imprints, and we’re in desperate need of authors.  If you’ve got a manuscript you’re considering getting published, please send it our way!  Our Submissions page with the details can be found on our website.


Chilling Tales of T-Town Announcement!

A non-fiction collection of stories of the bizarre and weird. If you’re an Oklahoma Resident, we’re looking for you!  Heard a mysterious bump in the night? Seen a strange sighting in the sky? Unexplained mystery stuck with you?  Check the Submissions rules at our website!


Spooky Samhain 2019 Contest

The doors have opened wide!  The Annual Spooky Samhain Contest has opened for 2019.  See your name in print, and win some big money!  Do you think you have what it takes to compete with the big dogs?  Check our Submissions rules at our website!



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