samhain advertising

Updated: 6-25-2018

As much as Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly is a community-driven publication, we want to be able to give back.  Buying advertising space is one way to drive sales and attention up for your small or thriving business, and helps to fund further editions of our magazine.

Our ad space and our budget is limited, and we know yours is too.  That being said, we have multiple options for advertising space available.

Non-Profit Ventures:

We are currently taking year-round submissions for non-profit events, giveaways, and other assorted non-commercial advertising. These would include events such as gatherings, free ticket admissions, community events, free workshops, community rituals, etc.  These can be put in our quarterly print Bulletin Board section, on the OPQ blog, or on our Facebook page.

Commercial Ventures:

We are also offering advertising buy-ins.  Our default price is listed on-page; however, please contact us at for further specialized long-term pricing.

(Note that the following prices are in effect only from 6-1-2018 to 8-15-2018)

Full Page Ad: 100 $50

Full Article:  150  $75

Half-Page Ad: 50  $25 

Quarter page Ad: 25  $12.50

Eighth-page Ad: 12.50  $7.00

Each ad space price listed above is per issue.

We accept pre-designed ads. However, design fees are an additional 45 $20 if client needs an ad designed for the space.

We also offer digital advertising. Please send us an email for further information.