Chilling Tales of T-Town: An Anthology Call

Submissions Call for Anthology

Submissions Window:  May 2019-May 2020


Green Country local?  Passer-through stuck in the black hole hell of Northeastern or Midwest Oklahoma?  We want your true tales of terror for our upcoming anthology, slated for a September 2020 release.  Tentatively titled ‘Chilling Tales from T-Town,’ it’s a collection of local folk tales and weird events, all from the heart of Green Country.

We want your:

-Ghostly Encounters

-Demonic Intrusions

-Paranormal or Supernatural Activities

-Bizarre Sightings

-Alien Abductions

-Cryptid Crossings

-Anything else that’s out of the ordinary and your personal experience.


Please send your submission to us at  Payment is $10-20 USD upon acceptance issued at October 2020 (or physical publishing date) plus a physical contributor’s copy.  Note that this Anthology will be published through Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly Press.

Submission Window:  May 2019-May 2020