OPQ Press Submissions

Good News!

We are tentatively accepting novel and novella manuscript queries for digital and print.


What we are looking for:

OPQ Press:

New Age, Wiccan, Witchcraft-related, Spiritual, or Occult non-fiction instructional books, devotionals, chapbooks, and other.

Deimos Entertainment:

All projects related to horror: specifically, horror and paranormal fiction novels, novellas, comics, and other.  Note that as long as it’s sufficiently horrifying or related to themes horror usually covers, we will consider it.  Some hard limits: Screeds, Excessive Misogynistic Violence, Illegal or immoral content portrayed in a spirit of authorial satisfaction.  We love blood and guts–we don’t love psychos who got access to a keyboard, though we understand the thin line that writing sometimes treads.  Try us out–worst we can do is say hard pass.

Likely to hit: Paranormal, Occult, Monsters, Vampires, Zombies.  Old tropes made fresh.

Likely to miss: Serial killers, crime procedurals set in the mundane world barren of occult or paranormal ideas.

Queerpunk Press:

Queer heroes is the name of the game.  Got a genre piece you’ve been interested in slinging around, but the sexual identity of the main character doesn’t seem to fit the tepid, terrifying market?  Try submitting to Queerpunk Press.  We’re after the mindless popcorn pulp stuff that normies get every day.

Likely to hit: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror, or other genre fiction with Queer Heroes just doing stuff.  (Essentially, we’re after genre literature with post-queer themes.  Ideally narratives should feature out and proud LGBTQIA characters being themselves in their worlds.)

Odin’s Wand Imprint:

Kink and alternate erotica ahoy.  We publish weird and racy erotic novels and novellas exploring the range of alternative lifestyle communities including: Kink, Furry, BDSM, Poly, and LGBTQ erotica.  Note that we do not accept erotica-only plots that revolve around nonconsensual sex, incest, or other moral taboos, including bestiality and work involving minors, or portraying as a large part of the plot relationships between adults and minors.

The Query Process

Please attach a 1-2 page Query Letter, a 1-2 page Synopsis, and a 3 Chapter Sample in the same word document.  (We prefer .doc, .docx, .rtf, and .odt if necessary.)  Please write in the body of the submission template (or preferably in your Query) which Imprint and genre your piece falls under.

OPQ Press’ submissions queue runs through Green Submissions.  Our Green Submissions portal is located here:  OPQ Green Submissions Portal


Payment is negotiable depending on project, acceptance, and publishing method.  In an effort to remain transparent, here is our official (as of 2019) statement on our payment policy:

OPQ is primarily run on donations and individual volunteer efforts.  As a fledgling Press dedicated to bolstering careers for new pagan authors, and to enrich existing pagan authors’ careers, we offer a revenue share model during start-up.  What this means is that an individualized contract will be settled with each author, editor, and artist to touch the project.  This team will collaborate together for the project.  To offset administration fees, transportation fees, and other bonuses such as cost of convention appearances and bookstore negotiations, OPQ takes 10-15% of each project’s revenue and splits the remaining ratios between the creators and collaborators on each project.  Payment dispersal is to be agreed upon in-contract.