Spooky Samhain 2019 Contest

Spooky Samhain 2019 Edition is Out!

Congratulations to our contest winners! Our latest edition of OPQ is out, for free, in digital edition right now!  Get your copy today!


Read the digital edition of the 2019 Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly Samhain Edition for free, now!

Our 2019 Winners:

Fantastic Frights

1st Place: David Stevens with “Born Free”

2nd Place: David Brown with “Bayou Baba”

3rd Place: Mike McClelland with “The Boo Hag”

True Tales of Terror

1st Place: Eleanor Scolistien with “Joey Loam”

2nd Place: Donald Raymond with “Two Tales of Terror”


Our 2019 Runners-up:

Willow Croft with “Blood Under the Moonlight”

David Powell with “Brothers in Arms”

Brooks Shropshire with “Hathorne House”

D Ceder with “Remotely Viewed”

Kat Devitt with “Scent of Lavender”

Ariana Ferrante with “The Lillies”

Featured Authors

Kerry Cohen with “The Girl”

Paula Hadley Baker with “Black Halo”

OPQ Press Newsletter for June-July 2019


OPQ the Magazine has relaunched in an online format. We will still be printing twice a year; one for our annual Samhain/Halloween edition, and another for our Yearly Digest Edition.  We are making tentative strides towards opening our four imprints, and we’re in desperate need of authors.  If you’ve got a manuscript you’re considering getting published, please send it our way!  Our Submissions page with the details can be found on our website.


Chilling Tales of T-Town Announcement!

A non-fiction collection of stories of the bizarre and weird. If you’re an Oklahoma Resident, we’re looking for you!  Heard a mysterious bump in the night? Seen a strange sighting in the sky? Unexplained mystery stuck with you?  Check the Submissions rules at our website!


Spooky Samhain 2019 Contest

The doors have opened wide!  The Annual Spooky Samhain Contest has opened for 2019.  See your name in print, and win some big money!  Do you think you have what it takes to compete with the big dogs?  Check our Submissions rules at our website!



Updates, Digital Editions, and Pricing Structure Change

Hey all!  To address a growing need to reduce unnecessary paper, OPQ has made the decision to focus some of our efforts on E-versions of our books in addition to physical copies.

Now available through our Order page we offer Digital PDF editions.  They’re the same exact layout as the physical book, only readable from a desktop computer, a smartphone, or anything with Adobe or other PDF file readers.

We have begun the process of partnering with Kindle to format our books for Kindle, Amazon Fire, and other Kindle readers.  These editions will be slimmed down versions–all the same great text, with less of the formatting.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page and our blog post for more information as time moves on!

ANNOUNCEMENT: OPQ is now a Press!

OPQ website press logo



Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly is now a full-fledged press. Named Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly Press, after the magazine, the press will be focusing on both the magazine and our new lines of genre fiction and new age/spiritual non-fiction. Our goal is to work with various under-represented communities (specifically, religious minorities and LGBT+ folk—in particular, fledgling authors, artists, and creators from these communities) to establish a footway into the door of the creative field.

To that end, a couple of notes about how our process works:

1. As a press, we are considered a partnership press. What this means is, we’re a step above self-publishing—we have a talented pool of creators and industry experts who will help format your work for public consumption, for a portion of the royalties that you would typically accrue as a self-published author.

2. Most publishing presses have a focus on the press making money—we only take a minimum of royalties, typically less than fifteen percent, to cover overhead costs like licensing, to offset publication costs, events, etc. We are still a press driven primarily by donations and the community itself.

The more work you can put into promoting your book, the better off you’ll be, though we do have a talented staff on-hand to participate in marketing. We strive to have a completely transparent publication process—if we feel your submission fits a good niche in our market, we look at the staff members we have on hand and assign a talented team with experience in that field.

Writing when you’re an independent author is somewhere between running your own business and passive income. Unfortunately, there are no quick tickets to fame and fortune, but by partnering with us, you can get a start on your creative work and have a product to get your name out there.

Submissions will open shortly! Stay tuned!!!

Change change change…

Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly has gone through some backdoor changes, and these should reflect through the website in the coming weeks.

We’ve expanded our staff.  That means how we run the operation should eventually be more effective.  You should start receiving replies to emails and submissions looked at on a more timely basis.

We’re beginning to change up our pricing structure, but we’re also including digital editions as part of that pricing structure.

To begin with, our Deluxe Edition double-sized Samhain edition is finally out and available on Amazon!  It’s going to be 9.99 in stores and online. This covers the additional shipping and labor costs that go into producing the magazine and ensuring our authors get their payments.  This will not have an impact on current subscribers, though future subscription costs may rise going forward.

Regular magazines will soon be 6.99 in stores.  Digital editions will shortly be released which should provide a lower-cost alternative for those on a budget.  There will also be a digital edition subscription option.

These changes should be reflected through our online vendors.  In-store pricing will be updated moving forward with our Samhain editions.  Back issue pricing should not be affected in-store.

You can purchase the latest edition directly from Amazon below, or come visit us for back issues at Tulsa Pagan Pride at Veteran’s Park this Saturday, October 6, 2018, from 10 AM-6 PM.



OPQ Needs Beta Readers!

Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly needs beta readers!  We need an additional critical eye to help us sort through the awesome submissions we’re getting.


What is a beta reader?

A beta reader is an early reader.  They are typically employed to review early drafts of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or prose.  At times they can function as slush pile readers, specifically in the case of magazine or anthology submissions.


What does being a beta reader mean?

The beta reading program is a non-paid position which allows the beta reader an inside look into the world of publishing. Ideal candidates have a strong background in reviewing fiction and non-fiction writing from a critical standpoint.  Ideal candidates will not simply say they do or don’t like something; they can understand and judge the boundaries or parameters of a specific magazine and its intended scope and determine whether or not a submission fits and, if it doesn’t, they can clearly elucidate in writing why it doesn’t fit.  Professional experience is not needed for this position.


What are the benefits of being a Beta Reader for OPQ?

You get experience working with a literary magazine, for one. For two, even though it’s an unpaid position, we do offer a free physical copy of each issue a beta reader assists with.


How do I sign up to be a beta reader for OPQ?

Simple!  Just send an email to opqsubmissions@gmail.com with the title ‘BETA READER APPLICATION’ in the subject field and include the following in the body of your email:

  • Your basic contact information, including name, email address, and phone number.
  • Your relevant editorial or creative experience (We would prefer a small CV detailing your work or hobby history)
  • A list of three of your favorite stories or articles, detailing why they’re your favorites
  • A list of magazines or anthologies that your favorite stories above wouldn’t fit into, with a short or long explanation on why they would or wouldn’t fit.


Who We Are

Who We Are


Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly is a small group of independent artists and writers.  We’re not backed by a corporation. We don’t plan on making profit, and any profit we do make we want to turn back around and give to our contributors or use to make sure more issues of OPQ are released. Our experience and our gift to the community is providing a literary legacy for those who want to have their voices heard from a traditionally under-represented community.

OPQ intends on being two sides: an online website dedicated to being a bulletin board for the community, and a print publication stocked in stores for those who would be interested in something physical, something to cherish, and something that, hopefully, can withstand the test of time.

Call us sentimental. The age of ebooks has drawn upon us, but let’s be clear here.  Ebooks are sloppy and messy. Depending on your ebook viewer, they can be formatted in a million different ways.  OPQ wants to make something lasting—something you can be proud to show off when you show someone your work in it.

Our eventual goal is to become a platform for new and aspiring creators, writers, and members of our community.  As we pick up steam—as we grow as an organization, we want to ensure that we give back to our authors. Since this is funded directly out of pocket of those starting the magazine, right now our prize for acceptance is a paper contributor’s copy. (If the contributor wishes for a digital copy, that can be arranged as well.)  All we can do as creators is offer something tangible, and, if the Universe wills it and we grow stronger as a publication and platform, we can start offering payment towards our contributors.

Submissions for our Spring 2018 edition are now open, but the deadline is drawing closer and closer. Make sure you send us your submissions on time!