Spooky Samhain 2019 Edition is Out!

Congratulations to our contest winners! Our latest edition of OPQ is out, for free, in digital edition right now!  Get your copy today!


Read the digital edition of the 2019 Oklahoma Pagan Quarterly Samhain Edition for free, now!

Our 2019 Winners:

Fantastic Frights

1st Place: David Stevens with “Born Free”

2nd Place: David Brown with “Bayou Baba”

3rd Place: Mike McClelland with “The Boo Hag”

True Tales of Terror

1st Place: Eleanor Scolistien with “Joey Loam”

2nd Place: Donald Raymond with “Two Tales of Terror”


Our 2019 Runners-up:

Willow Croft with “Blood Under the Moonlight”

David Powell with “Brothers in Arms”

Brooks Shropshire with “Hathorne House”

D Ceder with “Remotely Viewed”

Kat Devitt with “Scent of Lavender”

Ariana Ferrante with “The Lillies”

Featured Authors

Kerry Cohen with “The Girl”

Paula Hadley Baker with “Black Halo”